Dear members of the Long Term Care Educators Association:

The Long Term Care Educators Association (LTCEA) was formed in 1988 by a core group of area healthcare educators as a means to network, share resources and improve the quality of care in long term care facilities.

In May of 2017, committee members met to discuss the future of the Association. Our hopes were to continue to meet the mission of our organization. As you know, LTC educators are nurses. Unfortunately, in Missouri, nurses do not need CEs so rarely did we have educators and/or nurses attend our quarterly meetings. The meetings consisted mostly of Administrators and Social Workers who needed CEs. Some of our committee members attend several meetings throughout the month and felt that the Administrators and Social Workers had many other opportunities to receive CEs.

Also, many things have changed in our communities since 1988. Most communities are now high tech and provide education through their personal on-line training as well as other resources.

Because of this, our committee has decided to close our Association. Anyone who joined from June till present, can get their membership fee of $15 returned to them. You must notify Denny Pezzani, treasurer, by December 15th at and he will return your money promptly.

We did have money left in our account. Half has been given to St. Charles Community College Nursing Scholarship Program and the rest will be given to the St. Louis Community College Scholarship Program after December 15th.

We want to thank all of you for your support and wish you all the best in the future of Long Term Care.


Bernice Bundren, President of LTCEA
Lila Shepley, Co-VP
Mark Callico, Co-VP
Denny Pezzani, Treasurer
Shona McIntyre, Secretary
Sue Propper, Resource Librarian