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Welcome to The Long Term Care Educators Association!

LTCEA is the professional organization whose mission is to improve quality of care in Long Term Care Facilities through education. We're here to help YOU by providing continuing education programs, as well as opportunities for collaboration and networking with professionals across the state. LTCEA members work on the front lines, so no one is better qualified or able to advocate for residents, family and staff.

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     It is disappointing that the Long Term Care Educators Association, a group that has spent 30 years supporting educators, directors of nursing and administrators in long term care, must suspend operations.

     Until a new group of leaders step up to organize meetings,  speakers, networking opportunities, CEUs and the Fall Festival of Learning,  the organization will be unable to offer these services.

     In order to maintain the viability of the organization, we need members who will schedule speakers on issues pertinent to older adults and long term care, locate meeting venues, submit applications for CEUs, chair the Fall Festival and handle correspondence.

     Each position in itself is not overwhelming. With the right leadership and support of the board and greater membership, we can maintain this organization as the premier association it has always been.

     If you are interested  in taking an active role in leading a great group of nurses, administrators and marketers in LTC, please contact one of these officers.

Bernade Altidor at     immediate past president
Sue Propper at                        board member
Denny Pezzani at                    current treasurer
Sheri Clayton at           former president

Sincerely yours,
Bernade Altidor, RN, BSN

Handouts and Presentations:

Falls Mitigation 90 min PDF
Job Turnover Powerpoint 2014
Long-Term Care 10-10-14
Address Stress Handout

November 2014 Meeting - Basic Approach to Sepsis

Feburary 2014 Meeting - Slide Presentation

Fall 2013 Festival Handouts:
Culture Needs and Concerns of LGBT Older Adults
The Trouble With Tribbles


What's New?

Notice: Need a copy of the CNA Appendix A/B? Here it is.

Additions have been added to the list of videos under the Nurses Education and CNA Films categories. Go to the Resources page to click for the full list of books and videos available.

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Did You Know? When requesting a challenge exam from DHSS, CNA Examiners may request the 75 question version of the test. This is the same exam that students who take the full course are given. The 50 question exam is still available, and the Examiner can request either version. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Education Unit.


LTCEA Officers 2015


Bernade Altidor


1st Vice President
Brian Gerth


2nd Vice President

Denny Pezzani, RPh, PRS


Recording Secretary
Rene Kreisel


Resource Librarian
Sue Propper


Merchandise Coordinator
Sheri Clayton


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